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Introducing the World’s First Self-Healing Test Execution Cloud | Encore Presentation

May 25 @ 10:30 am - 11:30 am IST

Self-healing is a highly effective technology that substantially reduces the overhead of maintaining UI-based automated tests by allowing UI elements such as buttons, links, labels, and input fields to be successfully located and interacted with even following UI changes that would otherwise cause these tests to break.

Until today, self-healing technology was only available through commercial test automation tools that required teams to abandon their existing test suites and rewrite them from scratch in a proprietary test language specific to these tools. Not only does this require substantial time and effort to accomplish, but it also creates an unwanted vendor lock-in, as these rewritten test suites can only be executed by this specific vendor.

With Applitools’ release of the world’s first self-healing test infrastructure, teams can now enjoy all the benefits of best-in-class self-healing technology just by executing their existing tests on Applitools cloud infrastructure, without changing even a single line of test code!

So, whether you are interested in self-healing, need premium infrastructure to execute your tests at scale, or test your apps across different devices, browsers, and operating systems, this session is for you! We will demonstrate the Applitools Execution Cloud in action, describe how self-healing works under the hood, and show how you can execute your test suites in orders of magnitude faster and more stable than with any other test execution infrastructure.

Key takeaways:

  • What is self-healing and why is it useful?
  • Learn how self-healing works under the hood
  • Learn how to run a Selenium test on the Applitools Execution Cloud
  • Learn how to easily implement effective cross-device and browser tests