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Romanian Testing Conference

June 9 - June 10

When I was younger, at the end of a school week, here in the UK there always used to be a TV programme on at 6 o’clock on a Friday night that showed clips from old films starring Charlie Chaplin, Laurel and Hardy, or Harold Lloyd. I found that no matter how bad the week had been, within a few minutes I’d forgotten it all and was laughing along with whatever antics were happening on the screen.

I was never sporty at school, so I could never impress people with my physical prowess. I found out very quickly that you couldn’t be intimidating if you were captain of the school chess team (which I was!). My one option was to try and make people laugh. It probably drove my teachers crazy, but it was my coping mechanism then, and it still is today. If I’m in a new group of people, being the introvert/extrovert I am, my only option is to try and raise a smile – to use humour to break down barriers and provide an ‘in’.

I do it in social situations, at work, at conferences. I know if I can make someone smile then it’ll all be okay…

I use humour to make the people I’m working with feel more comfortable. If I’m interviewing someone, or having a first meeting with a new line report, then I want to put them at ease, and humour is the best way to do that. Even if it’s a lame joke about the weather, or (more recently) a comment about what is obviously a lockdown beard, the idea is the same – let the other person relax. Let them be at ease. Let them know that, hey – we’re all in this together…

I think this year it’s been more important than ever to look for the humour in what we do, look at the positive side of a bad situation to make it better, look at how even the small changes can make a big difference. To accentuate the positive in what we do; how we do it; and even in who we are.

So for this year’s theme we want you to think about “ACCENTUATE THE POSITIVITY


June 9
June 10
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