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August 22 - August 23

THEME: Post-Pandemic Scenarios in Remote working for Testers


The pandemic forced us to work from home. We learnt how to manage the family with the work while at home! We worked hard and we worked flexi. We worked long hours. We were happy to avoid the traffic (and that occasional pesky colleague!). It was claimed that productivity increased with WFH. Then emerged counter stories about the stress, missing the office environment, plummeting productivity and difficulty of sharing information.

Come join us to look at challenges and opportunities in Remote Working for Testers. How do we increase the depth of our testing, how to acquire critical information, how to deal with increasing digitisation and increasing workloads and how to learn in such an environment.

Not restricting ourselves only to pandemic scenarios, keeping the above Theme and Abstract in mind, we will also be exploring topics on latest trending technologies on testing.


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