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Webinar – Are you doing TDM or DevOps TDM?

August 16 @ 9:30 pm - 10:30 pm IST

To meet the demands of today’s rapidly changing business environments, more and more organizations have turned to DevOps methodologies.

However, one critical aspect of the DevOps pipeline that often gets overlooked is test data management (TDM). When TDM is omitted from DevOps disciplines it causes inaccuracies, re-work and slowness in software delivery.

Discover how to:  

  • Ensure that your tests have access to secured, accurate and relevant data on demand.
  • Integrate TDM best practices into your DevOps pipeline.
  • Deliver high-quality software more quickly and with greater efficiency.

Whether you’re just starting to implement TDM or are looking to optimize your existing processes, this webinar will provide you with insights and best practices to help you achieve faster, more reliable software delivery.

Join industry experts Shri Nivas and Naresh Kumar Nunna, who will discuss emerging software development trends and the need for adopting modern TDM practices and solutions.


  • Shri Nivas | Vice President and DevSecOps Lead, Qualitest
  • Naresh Kumar Nunna | Director and Head of Data Center of Excellence, Qualitest


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