Webinar: How to Clean Up Your Continuous Testing Suites for Web & Mobile

Date: Wednesday, August 21st

Time: 10:00 am PT | 1 pm ET | 10:30 pm IST

Duration: 45 minutes

Getting value from Selenium and Appium test automation is fundamental for fast feedback, risk reduction, and a return on investment from testing activities. But teams often forget about their tests once they have been developed and integrated into the CI pipeline — regardless of the value they bring.

After developing test scenarios, teams cannot stop monitoring and ensuring that they continuously bring value, are not flaky, and can support the latest functionalities in your web and mobile apps.

Join this live webinar, led by Chief Evangelist Eran Kinsbruner, to:

  • Learn how to decide which test scenarios to automate.
  • Understand what it takes for a test to get included in the CI and continuous testing pipeline.
  • Learn how to maintain tests and optimize your test suites so they continue to provide value.
  • See a live demo of smart reporting and analytics that serves as a monitoring and test maintenance tool.


Webinar: Shift-Left Continuous Testing for the Enterprise: Introducing the BlazeMeter Continuous Testing Platform

Date: Wednesday August 21, 2019

Time: 9am PST / 12pm EST / 9:30pm IST

Companies want the ability to release better apps faster, but ensuring quality end-user customer experience is still a challenge. Instead, teams need to make sure they are validating and ensuring performance at every part of the software delivery cycle.

Enter BlazeMeter’s Continuous Testing Platform, the first unified shift-left, SaaS solution for continuous testing. Built on the industry-leading load and performance capabilities of BlazeMeter, the full platform now includes UI functional testing, API testing and monitoring, and virtual (mock) services.

Join us for a first peek to see what’s new, including a live demo and Q&A session.

You’ll Learn:

  • Best practices for saving time and resources to simplify test creation and maintenance
  • How to virtualize and test all parts of your system even if you don’t have access to the full environment
  • How to ensure five star customer experience, even under extreme loads. See how to test your front end under load in the cloud, and scale up to 2 million virtual users
  • Best practices for ultimate collaboration across teams and across the toolchain
  • How to ensure continuous validation pre and post production with 360° API Testing and Monitoring
  • Ways to empower developers to use the tools they want, with support for 20+ open source tools, at enterprise scale