Webinar: Top three e-commerce testing challenges and solutions

Date: September 13th

Time: 4.30 PM IST

Duration: 35 min (25 min + 10 min)

There are numbers to justify the fact that ecommerce is here to stay and no one can miss the ongoing revolution. Talking about ecommerce as an industry and phenomena, each one of us is hooked onto it in one way or the other, everyday.

Irrespective of the models (B2B, B2C, C2C and C2B) at play, one cannot undermine the importance of the challenges in ecommerce as an industry – be it security of the transactions, performance at peak seasons, functionality in terms of meeting the claims or end to end quality needed at every chain of the cycle.

There are multiple players in the market who face a drop in sales and business value due to the lack of bringing the right mix of technology and domain. The teams are either domain/technology heavy and miss the bigger picture.

Some of the key challenges when testing an ecommerce solution is not bridging the gap across the components. You could solve the first mile challenges and miss the last mile opportunities. You have both of it covered but are struggling to scale at speed. When all of it is sorted, there are new challenges arising.

In this webinar, let us look at how Qapitol QA solves the ecommerce challenges, the right way the first time itself. Equipped with the knowledge of the domains, wisdom gained from failures and the passion to solve problems in testing, the team will share their approach, solutions and good practices to top three ecommerce testing challenges.


  • Ajay, AVP-Delivery at Qapitol QA
  • Dheeraj, Business & Delivery Head at Qapitol QA